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Manaara: Streamlining Operations with Lingsom

Language is
not administration.

Getting help with interpretation, sign language, and translation often means more than one can imagine. It’s simply about enabling people to understand each other better in various contexts. What it shouldn’t be about is administration.

Lingsom is a digital solution for managing projects related to translations and interpretations in a way that is straightforward and requires minimal administration for both service providers and clients of language services.

Lingsom for enterprises

  • With Lingsom, you create new business opportunities and deeper customer relationships through smooth management of language services.

  • Rapid and automatic handling of suppliers gives you more time for tasks other than administration.

  • Access to a large pool of qualified interpreters and quick response times make it easier to manage business meetings in different languages.

  • The same tool is used for all of the company’s language needs, and all information accompanies each order, making tracking and follow-up very simple.

Lingsom for the public sector

  • With Lingsom, citizen services are enhanced by providing interpreter services and translations faster and for more languages.

  • Lingsom ensures that requirements and needs are met with each order.

  • Lingsom reduces the administration around language services and simplifies follow-up.

  • Lingsom saves time for clients and coordinators with intelligent matching.

Lingsom for LSP's

  • Lingsom provides advanced yet user-friendly system support for Language Service Providors (LSP’s) of all sizes.

  • With Lingsom, smaller language companies have the opportunity to participate in procurement processes and larger projects.

  • Lingsom offers full control over assignments, both for in-house projects and freelancers.

  • Lingsom is easy to set up and manage as a cloud service.

  • Lingsom is developed by the language industry and knows what is needed.


Manaara: Streamlining Operations with Lingsom

In today’s competitive market, language service companies need to work smart, fast, and automated to deliver their services effectively. While system support has often been associated with larger players,

Manaara, a Finnish language service company specializing in Arabic and Finnish, has found its solution in the SaaS service Lingsom. With Lingsom, Manaara’s employees and freelancers have established more efficient daily processes, enabling them to compete on a more equal footing with larger competitors. And this is just the beginning of their exploration into automation possibilities.


Lingsom is created by and for the language industry

Lingsom is a digital system designed to manage translation and interpretation projects simply, securely, efficiently, and with minimal administrative overhead for both service buyers and providers. Lingsom is built based on practical experiences and needs within the field of language management, providing unique system support for anyone working with language services, regardless of size or whether they are language service providers or buyers in the private or public sector. Discover the benefits of Lingsom by booking a demo.