Lingsom is an ERP-system for Language Service Providers. The system has easy-to-use interfaces for the Agency, Customers, Interpreters and Translators. If you work in the language service industry (interpreting, sign language, translation, proofreading), please have a closer look at the possibilities provided by Lingsom. We would be happy to set up a demo presentation for you.
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Virtaus video service was developed to meet the needs within remote work that have arisen due to the exceptional situation caused by Covid-19. The service is suitable in all kinds of situations where secure and effortless video communications are essential. Virtaus is an independent service, but it can also be used within the Lingsom system.
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Features for organizer

  • Create, edit and cancel orders
  • Monitor orders
  • Provide general and order-specific feedback
  • Secure messaging and transfer of information in the system
  • And much more

Office features

  • Receiving orders
  • Coordinate based on each order's specific information
  • Generate reports for invoicing and fee payments
  • Monitor orders, replace resources and handle feedbacks
  • Secure messaging and transfer of information in the system
  • Send queries to clients and resources
  • And much more

Resource features

  • Accept/decline assignments
  • Report assignments and possible travel expenses
  • Mark availability in calendar
  • Secure messaging and transfer of information in the system
  • And much more

With the secure Lingsom-system, you can manage your resources in a more efficient way than ever before and thus significantly reducing the time spent on coordinating, invoicing, and payrolls. In addition to reliability and flexibility, we have invested in creating an intuitive and visually clear system.

Contact information

Feel free to contact us with any questions or make an appointment for a demo presentation.


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