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About Lingsom

Lingsom is a digital project management system for the language service industry. With Lingsom, it’s easier and faster to coordinate orders – from creating a new order and communication with vendors, all the way to invoicing and reporting. The intuitive user interface of this professional system streamlines the workflow for everyone.

Lingsom provides smart system support for language service providers, whether they are small or large. It simplifies the daily tasks for customers of language services in both private companies and the public sector.

Lingsom is a service that can be used via the cloud as a SaaS service for the language industry, but it can also be installed locally for customers who want to manage operations themselves. Regardless of choice, setting up Lingsom is straightforward and doesn’t require extensive IT projects to get up and running.

Lingsom was developed by an established player in the language industry in Finland, with a deep understanding of the Nordic market for both customers and language service providers, and the specific needs a system support tool should meet to genuinely simplify everyday operations.

Lingsom - digitalt system för projekthantering inom språkbranschen.

Lingsom is created by and for the language industry

Lingsom is a digital system designed to manage translation and interpretation projects simply, securely, efficiently, and with minimal administrative overhead for both service buyers and providers. Lingsom is built based on practical experiences and needs within the field of language management, providing unique system support for anyone working with language services, regardless of size or whether they are language service providers or buyers in the private or public sector. Discover the benefits of Lingsom by booking a demo.