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Lingsom makes certain interpretation and translation is communication, not administration, and enhances social, legal and emergency services.

Lingsom is a digital solution for managing interpretation and translation projects in a way that is simple and requires minimal administration for both language service buyers and providers.

Organizing interpretation, sign language, and translation services is more complicated than one can imagine. 

Using language services makes everyday situations easier to handle, for example, at the healthcare centre, hospital, school, or at the customs. It simplifies reaching agreements in business relationships and during government operations. It creates understanding and clarity in legal and law enforcement contexts. And it can be a matter of life and death in healthcare. It’s simply about enabling people to understand each other better in so many different contexts. What it should not be about is administration.

  • Lingsom is a software solution for managing the entire process – from creating the order to coordination and financial management – for interpretation and translation assignments.
  • Lingsom provides language service buyers with possibility of access to a wide range of language service providers that match your requirements. It enhances the level of service while minimizing administrative work.
  • Lingsom consolidates all information regarding orders and deliveries in one place – in your own system. This greatly simplifies both ordering and coordinating assignments, financial management, and follow-up.
  • Lingsom can be used as an out-of-the-box cloud solution but can also be custom-tailored to your needs and managed locally, for instance, to ensure high-security requirements are met.

6 Quick Benefits of Lingsom in the Public Sector


Centralize all language services in one place

You can easily create all orders and coordinate interpretation and translation assignments directly in Lingsom. Lingsom also consolidates all service providers in one place, within your system. You have an overview of current orders and can make changes to them without having to access multiple service provider systems.


Reduce administration and simplify the tracking of language services

Finance departments often love Lingsom. All the necessary information accompanies the order at each stage and can be easily matched against the supplier’s invoicing, providing full transparency with minimal manual effort.


Gain access to more language competencies

With the extensive procurement of language services today, small businesses often have limited opportunities to participate in these procurements. This leads to a limited supply and sometimes a shortage of interpreters for less common languages or languages in high demand. With Lingsom, each order is matched with the competent service provider. This significantly simplifies service management allowing the service buyer to create a more inclusive procurements and having access to a larger pool of service providers.


Ensure that your expected requirements are met every time

In the order, you easily specify preferences and requirements for competence, certifications, on-site or digital availability, and much more, receiving matches that meet the needs every time. You can utilize your own lists of approved language service providers. Without the need for double-checking, you know that your expected requirements are met with every order you place.


Save time with automation and smart matches

What can be automated is automated in Lingsom. This means that manual work is used most effectively. Automation also enables finding suppliers in an instant if a supplier becomes unavailable or if a new need arises.


Enhance social, legal and emergency services

With Lingsom, you gain faster access to interpretation services, even in less common languages. This, in turn, allows you to offer better service to the public. With robust support for monitoring and evaluation, it also becomes easier to ensure that resources are used efficiently.


With Lingsom, ordering, coordinating, and managing interpretations and translations becomes straightforward. You simply place an order based on your needs – the organization’s basic criteria and conditions are already stored in the system, along with approved providers – and Lingsom automates much of the remaining management. After the task is completed, you can be confident that you have the correct documentation for financial management and for tracking language services over time.

  • Your expected requirements for language services and your approved service providers are stored in the system, so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • Only providers that match the order are queried. And if they decline, the query is automatically passed on to the next service provider.
  • You can keep yourself up to date with the order, if you wish.
  • All information regarding an assignment is stored in one place.
  • Reports and documentation are ready when the assignment is completed.
  • With Lingsom you can track different aspects such as quality of service providers, budget, quantity of completed assignments, etc. over time. 

Good examples


In today’s competitive market, language service companies need to work smart, fast, and automated to deliver their services effectively. While system support has often been associated with larger players, Manaara, a Finnish language service company specializing in Arabic and Finnish, has found its solution in the SaaS service Lingsom. With Lingsom, Manaara’s employees and freelancers have established more efficient daily processes, enabling them to compete on a more equal footing with larger competitors. And this is just the beginning of their exploration into automation possibilities.



What language service providers are available in the system?
Lingsom is your tool for managing language services, so it’s your contracted and approved providers that receive requests and are matched to assignments.

Does it become easier to procure language services with Lingsom?
Since Lingsom can automate and streamline the management of language services, it also creates the opportunity to procure more providers – both large and small companies – without increasing administrative burdens. This, in turn, provides access to interpretation and translation services in more language areas and a larger selection.

Can different departments order interpretation services through Lingsom?
With Lingsom, you can set up users and departments based on what works best for your organization and automatically get workflows that simplify management. The requirements for interpreters may vary between different departments and operations within the organization, just as invoicing should go to different cost centers. Lingsom keeps track of all these aspects so that your employees can focus on delivering excellent service.

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Lingsom is created by and for the language industry

Lingsom is a digital system designed to manage translation and interpretation projects simply, securely, efficiently, and with minimal administrative overhead for both service buyers and providers. Lingsom is built based on practical experiences and needs within the field of language management, providing unique system support for anyone working with language services, regardless of size or whether they are language service providers or buyers in the private or public sector. Discover the benefits of Lingsom by booking a demo.